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The quality of our interactions at home shape our daily lives, influence our mood, and lay the very foundation for our children's futures. To raise children that thrive, we need to show them what it means to live fully ourselves.

My life's passion is to help people lead meaningful, fulfilling lives. Lives that become richer every day NOT IN SPITE OF HAVING CHILDREN, BUT ALONGSIDE THEM. It is only by modeling an existence that includes our own values that we can expect our children to integrate them into their own lives.

Clients seek me out at various stages of life. Some are brand new parents while others are navigating a newly empty nest. No matter where each client is, we start by exploring their unique gifts and challenges. For those seeking a richer life, the goal isn't to achieve balance (which suggests a constant struggle) but integration. When we explore parenting, the goal is not to create a "perfect" child. It is to understand each child as an individual. From there we create a concrete plan that will teach life skills and foster a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

It is often said that there is no such thing as a parenting manual. The truth is that there is enough advice out there to fill hundreds of manuals. Most of these approach parenting as an isolated part of life. To get to the heart of how to live a WHOLE life with children, we must examine our own truths and create our own stories. Parenting Paths exists to make sure that each chapter of that story is full of adventure, love, and interesting characters. There are the parents, the children, and all of the juicy details that make us want to read on and on and on...

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